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Be Happy! A short story by Patience Agholor

Jasmine: *Takes a long look around the playground and says.* "Today is the day! Yes, that's right, today IS the day!"

Amber: *Turns to look at Jasmine as if a Zombie just ate her brain. "The day for what Jasmine?"

Jasmine: "The day that I will be happy!"

Amber: "Ok, but does it really need to be announced?"

Jasmine: "Yup, it sure does! Listen to this! I was sitting next to Chris yesterday during lunch and he was going on and on about how he thinks the world is crashing down on him. He asked me if I'd move to Nebraska with him.

Amber: Nebraska?! What?!

Jasmine: "Yeah that's what I said! I asked him why Nebraska and he just went on and on about how he read online that it's the best place on earth if you want to be happy. He kept saying that he is sick and tired of having horrible days. He even said that he hasn't had not one happy day since 4th grade started!

Amber: ....Seriously? Chris is so extra!

Jasmine: "Right?!" I sat and listened to him anyway though because he is my friend, he kept telling me about how he is so mad at his brother for always picking on him, and his dad never does anything about it. After lunch though, I noticed that I even started to have a bad day! When I got home that day, I didn't even want to play Roblox before bed!"

Amber: "Wait, YOU didn't want to play your favorite video game?!? Now that's bad!"

Jasmine: "I KNOOOW! That's why today is THE day for me to be happy!"

Amber: "But what if you fell your spelling test today? Then what?

Jasmine: "I will still be happy Amber! I will look that grade right in the face and SMILE at it!"

Amber: "HaHa! You've gone crazy now Jasmine! Ok, so what if you get a whole in your pocket on the way to school and loose your lunch money?"

Jasmine: "Then I will look YOU in the face and smile!

Hopefully you will share your lunch and not let me starve!"

Amber: "Bwahaha! No I wouldn't! But, what if you hear your mom and dad arguing and fighting like that time before?"

Jasmine: *Thinks for a moment* "Well...I'll walk right up to them and give them my biggest smile and tell them funny stories about how they've made me happy. Then, I'd ask them if you could come over to play Roblox since you had to share your lunch with me.

*Jasmine and Amber smile*

Amber: "Maybe you should invite Chris over and smile at him. If he smiles back then he won't have to spend all of his moms money going to Nebraska just to be happy."

Jasmine: "Yeah you're right. He can find happiness right where he is."


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