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Monkey see monkey do, if they see you reading, they will too!

Let's face it, toddlers are master imitators! We may see it as cute, or sometimes annoying, but acting just like you is a giant step toward learning all about themselves! According to Lisa Nalven, M.D., "Imitation is vital to the development of abilities ranging from language to social skills." Even if the child isn't mimicking you, they are still observing and processing your every move with their watchful eyes.

Now that you know what the experts say, here's my advice! READ! Read in the morning, or at night. Read on vacation and read when it rains. Fake read if you have to, just as long as your child consistently sees a book in your hand! Eventually, they will want to do the things they've "mimicked" independently and what parent doesn't want their child to be an early reader and make it to the IVY league or an accredited HBCU?!

Check out my adult recommendation that goes with this months happy theme! I will post a new one every week!

Happy reading! #Imitationmatters #children #learning #books #reading

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