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Why a book box?

My mission is to promote literacy, particularly within the black and brown communities.  A problem that is regularly encountered is that most individuals do not know what books to choose or may even feel that reading is laborious and boring. My company, which is grounded in the literacy world, customizes book boxes for the individual to have a fun reading experience. I accomplish this by choosing a highly recommended book tailored to the customer's interest, create a theme influenced by the book, and then purchase items that correlate with the themed box.
Who is Reading With Patience?
Hi! My name is Patience Agholor and I love books!
As a librarian for 3 years, a reading teacher for 2, a published author, and life long avid reader, it brings me great joy to be able to share my love for literacy with you! I've been asked countless times what book would I recommend for just about every age group.  What better way to fill that void then to curate book boxes for individuals of all ages?! 
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